Dear Parents of Pohutukawa Kindergarten Glendowie,

We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday. A very warm welcome to the new children and their families joining our Pohutukawa Kindergarten community.

Staff Update
This year Cara and Sarah will continue to be your children’s qualified early childhood teachers at Pohutukawa Kindy Glendowie Monday to Friday. As most of you already know Amy has joined our team to support us over the middle part of the day working from 10.30-2.30 Monday to Friday. Amy is planning to start her early childhood training this year. Mel will be at Kindy on a Thursday and support us as necessary on other days.

Sun Safety
Summer is now at full strength and children are required to wear a hat if they wish to play outside. Please bring a named hat for your child, which you can leave in our hat box if you wish. Although we do have our shade sails up, much of our outdoor area is still exposed to the sun so please apply sunscreen to your child before coming to kindergarten and make sensible clothing choices.

Last year we feel we made some good progress on our sustainable practices at Kindy. We made use of the food we have been growing in the garden, reduced our lunch box rubbish and many families have made the change to reusable bags for wet clothes or washing. We would like to continue to grow in this area and plan to reflect on our current practices to implement further changes. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

News from Home
Upon reflecting on our ‘news time’ part of the curriculum we have decided to make a few changes. Rather than just hold news on a Monday morning, children are welcome to bring in news to share with the group when this is relevant to them and their family. They may have just had a holiday, family visit or a special event happen. They may have found something interesting to bring in and show the other children. Photos or prompts of other kinds are a great tool to use for children to remember details of what they wanted to share, you are welcome to email photos to the Kindy email. Through sharing parts of their personal life’s children feel valued as an important part of our learning community and develop their verbal language and confidence skills.

Holiday page
In your parent pockets you will find a ‘holiday page’. This is for you and your child to work on together, visually sharing what you and your family got up to over the holidays. This may be completed through drawing, photos and writing. Please return to Kindy once you are finished! The tamariki can share this at mat time then we will display on the wall before placing in their portfolios for the tamariki to revisit their experiences.

Signing in and out
It is important that you use session times for signing your children in and out. These times must match enrolment times to ensure we receive our maximum funding and therefore keep our fees as low as possible e.g. 8.30 arrival and either 12.45 or 2.30 pickup.

Family leaf
Please create a family leaf with family photos to be displayed on our whanau tree. Creating links between home and Kindy helps children to develop a sense of belonging and a physical reference to share with teachers and friends. If you have already completed your Whanau leaf, thank you!

Parent Input Reminder
Just a reminder that parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s individual planning folder. You might want to add a story about something that your family have done together or a little summary of your child’s development or interests. If you are stuck for ideas, we have some basic templates you can take to use. You are also welcome to write feedback on the stories written about your child. This information sharing helps us to further get to know your child and provide a relevant and positive learning experience for them at Kindy.

Spaces Available
This year we have had some spaces come up across the week at Kindy. If you would like to enrol your child for any extra days, please let us know.

Dates / Events:
Family Night – Friday 1st March 5-7pm. As we are such a lovely small group we thought it would be nice to start the year with a family fun night. We welcome you all to attend an evening session to play alongside each other and explore the activities that we offer during the day. This will be followed by a short mat time and a shared meal of fish, chips and hot dogs.
Dad’s Night – Thursday 4th April. Dad’s put this in your diary!

Term Dates – Term 1, 28th January – 12th April

Please remember we are always here to talk with you and share any thoughts or ideas you have for the Kindergarten. You can contact the teachers via email or at the beginning and end of each session.

Warm regards,
Melanie, Sarah, Cara and Amy