A very warm welcome to our new children and their families: Sam Germann, Milan Pasupati, Max Miles, Thomas Molloy, Izzy Pierce, Lexi Fitness and Annie Gluckman.

We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Dates / events:
Dad’s Night – Thursday 28th March 5-7pm We welcome Dad’s and enrolled children to attend an evening session to play alongside each other and explore the activities that we offer during the day. This will be followed by a short mat time and a shared meal of fish, chips and hot dogs.
Children’s Day Sunday 3rd March – Check out some of the fantastic activities planned for Auckland on this day.

Fabulous Fours – This term the Fabulous Fours will start the year with a focus on numbers and shapes. Skills and concepts, we will explore with the children are counting, number recognition, addition, subtraction, patterns, measurement and shape recognition.

Sun Safety – Summer is now at full strength and children are required to wear a hat if they wish to play outside. Please bring a named hat for your child, which you can leave in one of our hat boxes if you wish. Although we do have our shade sails up, much of our outdoor area is still exposed to the sun so please apply sunscreen to your child before coming to kindy.

Wet/Soiled clothes bag- We are reducing the use of plastic bags here at kindy and ask that you please include a reusable bag for such clothes in your child’s kindy bag.

Resources: We are still collecting loose parts for play and appreciate any contributions of these throughout the year. Examples of these may be piping, guttering, cable reels, boxes, pieces of suitable wood, etc…

School display – Energetic Explorers – We have a display of what school the children are going to when they turn 5. Please let a teacher know what school your child will be attending when you know, so we can add them to the display.

Monday News Time – A reminder that news time is a chance to share experiences your child has had outside of kindy. If a prompt is required some ideas include a shell, feather, or perhaps a drawing. You may even wish to provide a photo. If needed, teachers are able to print a single photo or previously prepared news page if sent before 8am on the Monday morning.

Kindy Mobile Phone – In order for the phone to be effective we need up-to-date phone numbers. Please advise one of the teachers if you have recently changed your number. The number for this phone is 021 0884 9711. There are a number of advantages to us having this phone, one of which is that you will be able to text to notify us of absences or changes to who will collect your child that day. Please note that we will still be able to be contacted on the main kindy phone at all times.

Email addresses – Please ensure we have a current email address so that we can keep you updated throughout the year on all upcoming events.
Start Time – Just a reminder that our licence states that our sessions start at 8.30. The teachers need the time before this to prepare the environment for the children.

Finish Times – We also ask that you pick your children up promptly at the end of session. This is when the teachers organise our planning and the activities for the days and weeks ahead.

Signing in and out – It is important that you use session times for signing your children in and out. These times must match enrolment times to ensure we receive our maximum funding and therefore keep our fees as low as possible e.g. 8.30 and either 12.45 or 2.30

Final mat time and pick up (Ready Steady Go group) – We would like this process to be as least disruptive as possible. We are happy for you to collect your child anytime between 12.30 and 12.45 but ask that you wait quietly by the bags until a teacher signals to your child that they can leave. This ensures that the children continuing with the mat time are able to listen and focus as best they can.

When others collect your children – Please inform the teachers if someone other than yourself is going to collect your child. This can be done either when you drop off or by phone. There is also a space on the sign in sheet where you can make a note of this. Please inform whoever picks up your child of our collection procedures in terms of signing out at the correct time and waiting at the bags.

Notice Recognise Respond – A reminder that if you would like this emailed to your inbox each time it is updated please sign up via the website.
Energetic Explorers trip- National Sea Week will be celebrated from Monday the 4th of March. In response to this, we will be taking a trip to the beach during March. Exact date and time to be advised.

Please remember we are always here to talk with you and share any thoughts or ideas you have for the kindergarten. You can contact the teachers via email or at the beginning and end of each session.

Warm regards,
Melanie, Olivia, Lily, Annie, Wendy, Marilyn and Gary.