Dear Parents of Pohutukawa Kindergarten Ellerslie,

Welcome back for Term Two. Over the holidays the teachers reflected together, attended professional development and planned lots of exciting experiences for our awesome group of children… It’s going to be a busy Term Two! A very warm welcome to the new children and their families joining our Pohutukawa Kindergarten community.

Changing Weather
Autumn is upon us! The weather is still beautiful and sunny but as the weather changes please remember to pack extra warm clothing for your child, a jacket when needed and gumboots. We continue to run an indoor/outdoor programme through all months of the year as we feel passionate about learning in our outdoor space and connecting with nature, whatever that brings. Hats are no longer required for Term Two.

Developing Independence
At Kindy an important skill that our children develop is a sense of confidence and independence. This looks slightly different for each child but we work toward:
• Independent dressing and undressing
• Giving things a try before asking for help
• Carrying in their own bag and hanging it up.
• Taking responsibility for their things, eg, putting a jumper away in their bag.
Please support us with this where possible, encouraging your child to be independent.

Supporting Pohutukawa Kindergarten
Please follow our Pohutukawa Ellerslie Facebook and Instagram pages! We are making sure these are updated regularly to keep you up do date with what has been happening at Kindy and also reminders of information and events that are coming up. If you get a minute in your busy day please give us a google review.

Health New Zealand Website
We were recently made aware of this website designed by New Zealand doctors and other medical professionals. This resource is a general health website to give you the information you are looking for without having to navigate through google. If you are interested check out

Internal Evaluation
As a teaching team internal evaluation is part of our continual improvement process. We select an area to review and go through a cycle of analysing, investigating, researching and actioning changes. Currently, we have chosen to evaluate our programme documentation. You would know this as our daily notice, recognise, respond, our wall plans and the children’s individual learning that is documented in their portfolios. We will keep you updated with our changes as they happen and welcome your feedback or input.

Fire Safety
The Fire Service would like to advise everyone at Pohutukawa Kindergarten that Fire and Emergency NZ offer a free service of Home Fire Safety Checks which includes 1 free smoke alarm if required. They can also give fire safety tips at the Station, over the phone or check the website for lots of information to keep your home and family safe.
Please call 09 579 …….. if you would like them to visit to discuss correct placement and installation of smoke alarms and give some specific advice about your home.

Signing in and out
It is important that you use session times for signing your children in and out. These times must match enrolment times to ensure we receive our maximum funding and therefore keep our fees as low as possible e.g. 8.30 arrival and either 12.45 or 2.30 pickup.

Parent Input Reminder
Just a reminder that parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s individual planning folder. You might want to add a story about something that your family have done together or a little summary of your child’s development or interests. If you are stuck for ideas, we have some basic templates you can take to use. You are also welcome to write feedback on the stories written about your child. This information sharing helps us to get to know your child further and provide a relevant and positive learning experience for them at Kindy.

Spaces Available
This year we have had some spaces come up at Kindy. If you have a friend you would like to introduce please let us know.

Dates / Events:

• Mother’s Day Morning Tea – 8.30-9.30 Friday 10th May.
• Wacky Wednesday – Wednesday 15th May, come dressed up in your wackiest dress up!
• Topsy Turvey Thursday – Thursday 22nd May, come dressed up back to front and upside down!
• Annual Disco – Our annual disco will be held on 21st June. More information to come closer to the event.
• Trip to Museum – 26th June details to follow.

Please remember we are always here to talk with you and share any thoughts or ideas you have for the Kindergarten. You can contact the teachers via email or at the beginning and end of each session.

Warm regards,

Olivia, Lily, Annie, Wendy and Melanie