Dear Parents of Pohutukawa Kindergarten Glendowie

Welcome back to Kindy for Term 3. A very warm welcome to the new children and their families joining our Pohutukawa Kindergarten family this term. Our Space/Matariki theme last term was very successful with high levels of interest and engagement from the children and a lot of new learning for all, including the teachers. Our disco went off with a bang, the children enjoying this exciting night time experience at Kindy. Each year the Matariki celebration becomes more special, a tradition that is embedded in our programme.

Teacher Update
Dear families,
I recently made the difficult decision to accept a teaching position at the primary school that my children attend. Entering a different teaching sector will be a new journey and challenge for me, which I am looking forward to taking on. I will be finishing up at Pohutukawa on the 2nd of August. Pohutukawa Kindergarten has a special place in my heart, it is such unique teaching environment with a real family feel to it. Often when reflecting on what we have done at Kindy or while sitting watching the children work and play I think to myself, “this is quality education”, a place where every child is seen, understood and valued. We will be having a farewell morning tea on Friday the 2nd of August.
Kind Regards,

Term 3 Enquiry

In Term 3 we will be exploring an enquiry of fire and fire safety. This subject has emerged from both an interest amongst the children and a subject the teachers have been interested in exploring. We are planning to do some learning about the different emergency services and are in the process of booking in a visit from the St Heliers Fire Station. We will keep you posted with our journey of learning along the way but our ultimate goal is to have a small fire at Kindy in which we can safely cook some food. We are very excited about this new experience!

Changing Weather

Winter is upon us! Please make sure your child packs warm clothing as well as a jacket and gumboots over the winter months. We continue to run an indoor/outdoor programme through all months of the year as we feel passionate about learning in our outdoor space and connecting with nature, whatever that brings.

Supporting Pohutukawa Kindergarten
Check out our Pohutukawa Glendowie Facebook and Instagram pages! We are making sure these are updated regularly to keep you up do date with what has been happening at Kindy and also reminders of information and events that are coming up. As we begin to make plans to extend our Kindergarten space, community support will get our name out there for potential new families to find out about how awesome we are. If you get a minute in your busy day, please give us a google review.

Internal Evaluation
As part of our internal evaluation on documentation we have put a survey in each child’s pocket for you to fill in. This will give us information to enable us to reflect on our current practices and implement changes that will improve outcomes for children. We really appreciate you taking the time to complete these surveys.

Signing in and out
It is important that you use session times for signing your children in and out. These times must match enrolment times to ensure we receive our maximum funding and therefore keep our fees as low as possible e.g. 8.30 arrival and either 12.45 or 2.30 pickup.

Spaces Available
In Term 3 we have spaces available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We like to offer these to our current families before enrolling new families. Please talk to Sarah if you would like to book in for any extra days.

Dates / Events
Cara’s Farewell Morning Tea – Friday 2nd August 10.30am
Fire Engine Visit – 23rd July 11.00 – All families welcome.
Pyjama and Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day – Tuesday 13th August
Amy’s Teaching Practice – 19th August – 13th September
Mum’s Night – 19th September

Please remember we are always here to talk with you and share any thoughts or ideas you have for the Kindergarten. You can contact the teachers via email or at the beginning and end of each session.
Warm regards,

Melanie, Sarah, Cara and Amy