Welcome back everybody and a special welcome to our kindy community to Charlie Woollams, Mackenzie Lambourne, Grace Margan, Liam Stewart. All siblings of our amazing children and we know your days here will be full of fun, laughter and learning!

Outdoor environment – With the cooler weather upon us, please make sure your child has appropriate warm clothes that are named and taken home at the end of session. We have the outdoor environment available to the children during all types of weather, so we suggest gumboots, rain jackets and a woolly hat. This is also the time of the seasonal coughs and colds that plague everyone, so we ask that you consider others and keep your child at home if they are showing signs of being unwell. We also provide tissues for the children and teach them personal health skills such as sneezing and coughing into our elbows, hand washing and nose blowing.

Celebrations of Learning: If the teachers have shared this wonderful celebration of where your child is at with you, please fill in the feedback form as this is a key part of our programme evaluation process!

Staff updates

  • Olivia will be away for the first four weeks of term, as part of further study she is pursuing. I am still able to be contacted through my kindy email. I will miss you all!
  • Annie has accepted a permanent full time role here..yippee!

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • Pyjama Day (when the children and teachers come to kindy dressed in pyjamas) will be held on 20th August for the Ready Steady Go group and 21st August for the Energetic Explorers group.
  • Our Mum’s Night is on the 26th September. Note this date on your calendars now. It is always a fun filled night and a great way to meet other mums. We have some exciting things planned for you all this year!
  • Photolife are coming in to take the children’s photographs on Wednesday 18th September for Energetic Explorers and 19th September for Ready Steady Go.
  • We will also be working on the children’s artwork for calendars this term, which you will have the opportunity to buy through the company Abacus.
    Signing in and out – It is important that you use session times for signing your children in and out. These times must match enrolment times to ensure we receive our maximum funding and therefore keep our fees as low as possible e.g. 8.30 and either 12.45 or 2.30

Fabulous Fours – This term our Fabulous Fours will be participating in a study of a variety of different books. This has proven great fun in previous years and we look forward to the exciting literary learning ahead.

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We look forward to another great term, and a happy time of learning and development for all the children. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the teachers, or email Melanie or Olivia as required.

Warm regards,
Olivia, Melanie, Lily, Annie and Wendy.