A big welcome to all the new families that have joined us last term and to Henry and his whanau who start here in Term 4. We really appreciate all the referrals as personal recommendation is our best marketing tool! In saying that please keep recommending us as we are planning on receiving our new classroom just before Christmas and hope to have it all set up and ready to go when you return at the end of January!! We will be increasing our license number and will hopefully grow the business to a more financially viable size by running 2 small classrooms, but keeping all the same routines, programmes and amazing learning opportunities that your children have already experienced. Exciting times ahead!!!

Our programme has supported some incredible learning opportunities with your children. Teachers have used group projects to explore, in depth such topics as butterflies, space and fire. This year, Sarah and the teachers have created the most amazing learning opportunities, building on children’s interests, and their discussions and inquisitive minds! Where will the children take us next?!

Weather and appropriate clothes.
Term 4 is always a little tricky. As you have seen already things have warmed up and then cooled down several times. We ask that you continue to bring warm sweatshirts (preferably named) in case the wind does pick up but note also – it’s time to get those sun hats out and start the sunblock morning routine. We ask that you block the children before coming to kindy and we are happy to reapply if they are staying for the afternoon and heading on outside again.

Car Parking
Along with the new classroom we will be adding a storage shed down the left-hand side of the building and expanding the outdoor play space along that boundary. We will be asking everyone to start using the carpark as it was originally designed. So the teachers will arrive first and park facing the walking path. Parents are then able to park in behind them allowing a ‘stacked’ scenario during the drop off and pick up times. This will also allow cars to reverse around the side of kindy to then be able to head out nose first. If you walk to kindy or choose to park outside on the road, please use the pedestrian gate to enter and not the driveway. The children’s safety is always our priority.

Afternoon children
We will continue to support the children in developing their pre-literacy and pre-numeracy knowledge as well as all the fine motor skills required for starting school. Our focus this term will be looking at letter knowledge and formation. We will send out further information in the first week of term but welcome any conversations with you at any time.
If your child is staying for lunch, please remember to bring a piece of shared fruit for the fruit basket as this can be a little light some days.

Term events and Dates

Kindy photos:
Individual and class photos will be taken on Friday 18th October. You are welcome to bring in siblings for some family shots too. There is no cost for this sitting. The group photo with as many children as possible will be taken first at 9.15 so please be here by then.

Wheels day: Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th October
Children are encouraged to bring along a bike or scooter along with their helmets for a fun few days riding here at kindy. We will close the driveway gate during session so we can have a circuit in the car park.

Grandparents day: Friday 8th November
All children (no matter what day they are booked in for) are welcome to attend with a grandparent (limited space means we need to keep it to one grandparent per child where possible). 9.30-11.30
We have an opportunity for grandparents to watch and join in the regular play followed by a short special mat time and a cuppa with a shared morning tea.

Christmas Party: Friday December 13th
All children regardless of bookings are welcome to attend 9-12 for games, shared morning tea and a visit from that special guy from the north pole. Please no siblings!

Our doors are always open

Mel and the team