Welcome to Term 4 and the new children and their whanau that are joining us and those that are returning, Ciro, Becky and Edison. We are excited to be opening our sessions and exploring the mixed age groups which we hope will foster tuakana teina relationships – this is where a child can learn from experiences with other children who are both older and younger than themselves. We still have vacancies available everyday so please ley us know if anytime during the term you wish to add more sessions.

Olivia is away on her final practicum for the year and is so close to finishing her huge study upgrade that she has been undertaking this year. We are so proud of her and the hard work is obvious with all the amazing ideas and planning that she is sharing in the daily activities, environment, mentoring of the other teachers and the bigger programme behind the scenes.

Weather and appropriate clothes.
Term 4 is always a little tricky. As you have seen already things have warmed up and then cooled down several times. We ask that you continue to bring warm sweatshirts (preferably named) in case the wind does pick up, – but note also that it is time to get those sun hats out and start the sunblock morning routine. We ask that you block the children before coming to kindy and we are happy to re-apply if they are staying for the afternoon and heading on outside again.

Afternoon children
We will continue to support the children in developing their pre-literacy and pre-numeracy knowledge as well as all the fine motor skills required for starting school. Our focus this term will be on keeping ourselves safe. Keep an eye on your notice kete for further weekly details. We welcome any conversations with you at any time.
If your child is staying for lunch, please remember to bring a piece of shared fruit for the fruit basket as this can be a little light some days.

Old iPhones
We are hoping to purchase 1 or 2 old iphones for the teachers to use as cameras. If you have an old one that you have no use for please contact Melanie so we can make an offer.

Upcoming events
Grandparents day: Thursday and Friday 21st and 22nd November
We have an opportunity for grandparents to watch and join in the regular play followed by a short special mat time and a cuppa with a shared morning tea. With limited space we need to keep it to one grandparent per child where possible. 9.30-11.30
Please bring a plate of food to share.

Ellerslie Christmas Parade: Sunday 1st December
We will again be entering a walking group with the theme of “Merry Christmas from around the world!”. If you are interested in joining us let us know what country/culture you would like to represent, and we will create a sign for you to carry. You can then create your child’s costume accordingly.

Christmas Concert Wednesday 11th December
The older children will once again provide an opportunity for you to come and listen to us singing some well-loved Christmas songs. The concert is held at the lunchtime mat time but you are still welcome to leave the afternoon children for the rest of the day.

Christmas Party: Friday December 20th
All children regardless of bookings are welcome to attend 9-12 for games, shared morning tea and a visit from that special guy from the north pole. Please no siblings!

Our doors (and emails) are always open

Mel, Olivia, Annie, Lily, Wendy, and Emi