• A group of children had a very busy morning creating a giant train track and role playing with the track. It was great to see them working together for their common goal and supporting each other.
  • A beloved annual kindy Christmas tradition began again today.
  • A parachute was set up and draped over the boxes in the outdoor area. The children demonstrated a lot of joy as they ran in and out and under and over the parachute with their friends.


  • Train set provides our children with the opportunity to have fun and to develop their communication and interaction skills, while enjoying pushing the train around the track. Communication – Children develop and discover different ways to be creative and expressive.
  • The highly anticipated and greatly coveted children’s angels were created and painted in silver and gold by the tamariki this morning. Many of them were so excited to see this tradition reappear and were keen to decorate and prepare their angel’s for the Christmas Tree. It is heart warming to see just how special traditions are to the tamariki, knowing that they have a place of belonging both here in their kindy whanau as well as home.
  • The children had a great time playing all sorts of games both outside and inside the parachute. It is through interacting with others that children learn to take another’s point of view, empathise, ask for help, see themselves as help to others and discuss or explain their ideas (Contribution, Te Whariki)


  • We will continue to support their interest in the wooden train track next week.
  • Christmas is coming!
  • What other games can we play with the parachute?