• This morning, Mel, Cruz’s Mum arrived with their pet Rats, Johnny and Wicket. This was planned to match one of our letters of the week, the letter R. A group of children took an interest some watching, others patting and some very keen for a hold.
  • The Christmas resources and decorations were also taken out this morning. The tamariki created cards full of pictures and writing. Lots of songs were requested about Christmas at mat time. The tamariki shared in groups a little show with singing and dancing to the Christmas songs.


  • The children are taking an interest in the rats, asking questions, observing and developing confidence in being around living animals.Te Wheke-Taha tinana: The relationship of the child to their physical world. The respect and reverence of living things and the natural cycles of the physical world.
  • The tamariki are sharing what they know and remember about this time of the year through visual and preforming arts. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of expressing their feelings and ideas using a wide range of materials and modes/ he korero auaha.


  • We welcome our whanau to come and share experiences with our tamariki.
  • We will begin to offer many visual art experiences for the tamariki to be creative and share their knowledge about Christmas. We will continue to offer the tamariki many opportunities to practice the Christmas Songs for our Christmas Party.