• A unique opportunity presented itself this morning wherein the tamariki translated a chalk drawing experience into a body tracing activity.
  • The making necklace/ bracelet activity was very popular this morning. Many children spent a sustained amount of time threading and creating a very special necklace for themselves or for their mums. It was great to see how much focus, concentration and determination they applied to their fine motor movements.
  • Taking risks, challenging our bodies and testing our limits was evident in the outdoor area today. Children were using all parts of the outdoor area to challenge themselves in new and interesting ways.


  • It was great to see the children interpreting the experience in their own unique way, labelling and classifying their peers’ body parts as they drew around them. Art can be interpreted in so many ways, easily linked to the literacy area of our curriculum, as demonstrated this morning.
  • It was great to see them developing their hand-eye coordination and working slowly and methodically to complete their threaded creation. Exploration – Children gain confidence in and control of their bodies.
  • Te Whariki, our early childhood curriculum, supports children to gain control over their bodies, including locomotor and movement skills, agility and balance, and the ability, coordination and confidence to use their bodies to take risks and physical challenges.


  • It was exciting to see the learning that has taken place over the last few weeks focus on parts of the body/tinana.
  • We will set up the threading activity again this week.
  • Feeling confident to take risks in early childhood is an important part of a child’s learning and development. What other risky challenges can we set up?