• Most of the tamariki played hide and seek outside together. One child covered their eyes and counted while the group went to hide. Some together and others hide in their own hidden spot.
  • A small group built a tower in the sandpit with the small black plastic reels. It continued to fall over so they placed a pipe in the middle to hold it steady.


  • The tamariki took turns counting and seeking as they do this, they are developing skills in turn taking and fair play. They used skills in co-operation and teamwork as they worked together to find places to hide. Contribution/Mana tangata: Children become increasingly capable of treating others fairly and including them in play/te ngākau makuru.
  • They worked together repeatedly constructing the towel in the sandpit. They in the end problem solved and worked out a solution for the tower falling.Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable using a range of strategies for reasoning and problem solving/ te hiraurau hopanga.


  • Continue to support games and revisiting and introducing new ones.
  • When teachers wait and allow the children the time to analyze and discuss, they can find and explore ways to solve a problem on their own or together.