• It was great to see many of the children experimenting, with varying levels of degree, ways in which to ‘make their mark’. Crayons and felts were employed to experiment with, allowing for fine motor grip for differing levels of development.
  • The children have shown a growing interest in gardening and the worm farm at kindy. The children have become deeply involved in planting our veges, watering the garden, monitoring its progress and enjoying eating the fruits of their labour. It has been lovely to see them developing a sense of responsibility and ownership towards the fruit and veges that they have helped grow and harvest.
  • The children were experiencing the properties of sand and water through, feeling, patting, mixing and shaping. They spent long perooids of time in the sandpit learning by doing and figuring out how things work.


  • Through the experience of ‘mark making’ the tamariki are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept that language and symbols are systems for representing and communicating information, experiences and ideas.
  • The children have been learning about the cycle of life in our garden, saving our food scraps to then put in our worm farm which then produces compost and juice to help our vege garden grow. Taha Tinana-This dimension represents the relationship of the child to their physical world. It concerns taking responsibility for ourselves, the respect and reverence of living things and the natural cycles of the physical world. Exploration Goal 4 – Children experience an environment where they develop working theories for making sense of the natural world.
  • Sand is a useful material for children to manipulate. They can mould it, dig with it, they can build and make cakes with it, they can move it from place to place. Exploration: Children experience an environment where they learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning.


  • It is fabulous to see our tamariki experimenting daily, with different ways to be creative and expressive.
  • We are so lucky to have many caring gardeners at kindy!
  • What else can we learn in the sandpit?