• The tamariki had a great idea to construct a path to the Wendy/Whare house. They dug up the concrete pavers using “leaver”. They learnt different ways to measure the space to dig to fit the paver. One way using the paver to mark around and another way using a piece of wool measuring the size. They filled wheelbarrows with dirt to take away and replace dirt into holes. They had meetings about the work that began and ended with Yoga. They did a great job in looks amazing.
  • The art activities from yesterday letter of the day activity was set out for revisiting. The tamariki who were here on Tuesday were suggested to share with their peer how to create the rainbow art.


  • The tamariki have set a goal from a problem they have discovered and worked together to solve it. They took on ideas and strategies offered by teachers and their peers and worked with and alongside each other to achieve the goal. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable using a range of strategies for reasoning and problem solving/ te hiraurau hopanga.
  • The tamariki took on the leadership role while other tried out creating something new. Mana-our relationship to, our personal power. It involves our turangawaewae, our place of standing related to the mental aspect of our wellbeing. We are all unique and hold an array of talents. (Te Wheke).


  • I wonder, what else they will work on in our large outdoor space.
  • With Christmas coming up we will begin to offer the children opportunities to create decorations using process that they can lead and support their peers.