• A big plank was set as a car ramp on the deck this morning and our tamariki had lots of fun racing the small cars on the ramp with their friends. They experimented with every single vehicle provided and practiced again and again to find out the best and fastest way to win the race.
  • Whole group artistic creation offered the tamariki the opportunity to work together for a desired outcome.
  • Outr tamariki were setting themselves a challenge outside in the rā/sun morning. They were having fun with how far they could jump off the sandpit steps, working themselves up to the very top sandpit step.


  • It was a great opportunity for them to learn strategies for active exploration, thinking, and reasoning. They surprised me with their amazing perseverance and concentration. Exploration – Children develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical, and material worlds.
  • Adding their own unique mark to the table top corrugated cardboard piece, allowed the tamariki to experiment with materials that encouraged artistic expression and experimentation in different ways- Min of Ed, 2017.
  • Our tamariki were developing their gross motor skills as they learnt the best technique for jumping as far as possible. Exploration: Children experience an environment where they gain confidence in and control of their bodies.


  • We will set up the car ramp again for further exploration this week.
  • I wonder what other whole group shared art experiences we can undertake?
  • Ka Pai tamariki, I wonder what you might like to challenge yourselves with next time.