• Many of the tamariki explored standing on the baby milk formula tins. They repeatedly tested out, standing and walking on the tins. Some using the support of the couch to keep you balance.
  • Alexander and Georgia begin building high towers with the tins. They rebuilt collecting more drums from around the room.
  • A group of tamariki asked to have the hair dresses kit out. They role play being hair dresses and customers. They had a wait place and had one customer at a time with many hairdressers.


  • The tamariki transformed the large baby milk tins (loose parts) many times. They used them for balancing on. They observed play, joined in, waited for turns and gave difficult gross motor experiences ago. Te Wheke – Taha tinana: Children can explore experiment and test out different forms of physical exercise to develop agility, dexterity, rhythm, coordination, balance, harmony, poise, stamina and the sheer joy of being human.
  • As the tamariki balanced the tins they lead and contributed to the construction play, solved problems, and were so careful and focus with determination to complete their towers. Contribution/Mana tangata: Children become increasingly capable of recognising and appreciating their own ability to learn/ te rangatiratanga.
  • The tamariki know what is available and are confident to ask for what they want. The customers sat patiently while their peers placed clips in their hair. They took turn doing different roles. Belonging/Mana Whenua: Children become increasingly capable of understanding how things work here and adapting to change/ te mārama ki te āhua o ngā whakahaere me te mōhio ki te panoni.


  • We will record the stories of using the tins in creative ways in the tamariki portfolio’s
  • We are open to the tamariki ideas of what they want to play. We will endeavor to provide an environment which listens and encourages the tamariki to share their ideas of what they want to do.