• Our younger tamariki also enjoyed setting themselves the challenge of jumping off the sandpit steps this morning. Some of our friends’ legs/waewae were so small so their jumping fun was from the lower sandpit steps.
  • The tamariki had lots of fun in the tunnel set up outside this morning. They enjoyed playing hide and seek, crawling, and scooting in the tunnel with their friends for a sustained period of time. It was great to see them playing happily together and challenging themselves physically.
  • The paint easel provided an opportunity for the tamariki to creatively experiment on a large scale this morning.


  • The tamariki loved jumping over and over again. It was great for them to be learning how to jump and developing their gross-motor skills. I could see some tamariki gaining more confidence as they observed their friends having a lot of fun just by giving it a go. Exploration: The children experience an environment where they gain confidence in and control of their bodies.
  • Crawling or scooting through the tunnel can enhance the physical activity they are gaining from other play pieces. It can also help children develop their gross motor skills and the climbing movement helps them control the moving of their arms and leg. Exploration -Children gain confidence in and control of their bodies.
  • Both fine and gross motor skills were utilised and developed in order to paint large sweeping strokes of paint onto the upstanding easel paper. Arm, hand and finger muscles were stretched upwards and pincer grasped onto the paint brush to create large, vibrant masterpieces.


  • Ka Pai tamariki ma, keep it up! Lets do more jumping next time!
  • We will set up the tunnel again for further exploration this week.
  • Early marks made with paint, crayons, felts, etc…lend themselves to future skill development and readiness when it comes to letter formation and correct pencil grip.