• The tamariki demonstrated a strong passion and perseverance walking on the dinosaur stilts in the garden this morning. After many tries, they became able to stand up safely and counted their steps together.
  • The tamariki were developing their problem-solving skills as they spent time figuring out how to complete their chosen puzzle. Even the most simplest puzzles sets a single goal to achieve where the tamariki must think and develop strategies on how to approach achieving this goal.
  • Sometimes children need to be guided and supported in their work to extend their experiences at kindy, which allows opportunities for purposeful language.


  • It was great to see how consistently they tried and tried again, showing their counting skills and it was a great opportunity for them to develop their control skills over their body, loco motor skills, coordination, and balance. Exploration – children gain confidence in and control of their bodies.
  • The process of completing a puzzle involves problem solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which are all skills that can be transferred into their adult life. Puzzles are supported in the communication strand as children experience the symbols of their culture including that of numbers and other mathematical concepts.
  • By working one on one and scaffolding the creative process allows for children to have new experiences and feel success. It also allows opportunities for teachers to support the use of language for a meaningful purpose giving the child confidence in its use. Mana Reo –Children develop the expectation that verbal communication can be used to effectively communicate ideas and information.


  • We will continue to provide a wide range of physical challenges at kindy.
  • I wonder which puzzles the tamariki might like to challenge themselves with next time.
  • We will continue to work alongside individual children to support their developing use of language for a purpose.