• The Doctor kit was set up role play. Sophia and Zoe got prepared in the doctor’s costumes. Lara waited in the waiting room (on the couch). Zoe called “Lara, it’s your turn”. Sophia said “Ok. Let me see your hand”. She held up the Xray and explained, “Oh no, your hand’s scratched”. Then they used the stethoscope Zoe said, “Let me check your heart. Your heart is broken. Yeah, I can hear her heart beating so fast on the phone. I’ll call her Mother. She’ll stay in hospital tonight”. Most of the tamariki explored the doctor’s tools on their own or with their peers.
  • The Puppy domino’s game sparked role plays with the little puppies. The tamariki made homes with blocks and loose parts and took them for rides.


  • The tamariki are exploring what they know about being a doctor and using Doctors equipment. Belonging/Mana Whenua: Children become increasingly capable of making connections between people, places and things in their world/te waihanga hononga.
  • The tamariki uses resources from a game to create many other uses like role plays. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable of playing, imagining, inventing and experimenting/ te whakaaro me te tūhurahura I te pūtaiao.


  • We will set up the Doctors kit again tomorrow.
  • We will set up the puppets again and observe how they continue to use them.