• The tamariki created wonderful pieces of art and interesting patterns by arranging the different pieces of collage material on their paper using the glue sticks.
  • The tamariki loved kicking, catching, throwing balls this morning. They enjoyed playing their own ball games and making scores for their team. It was great to see them being physically active and promoting their mental/ emotional health as well as their physical well-being.
  • A large collection of loose parts provided opportunities for the tamariki to design create, explore and construct.


  • Collage/Mahi toi is a relaxing activity for our tamariki. It was great to see them learning about design and pattern making as they worked beside their peers. Communication: Children experience an environment where they discover different ways to be creative and expressive.
  • All children can benefit from rolling, catching, kicking, dribbling, and tossing a ball. Playing with balls improves our children’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing, which are important parts of the developmental progression of young children. Exploration – Children gain confidence in and control of their bodies.
  • Through the Exploration strand of our curriculum, this activity allowed the tamariki to develop strategies for active learning and experiment with objects in their world. It was great to observe them putting mathematical/logistical thinking into each of their construction applications.


  • I wonder if we could find some interesting materials outside to make some art.
  • We will continue to support their ongoing interest in ball games/ group games next week.
  • I wonder what other loose parts we can add to the collection next week?