• Amy brought in some new dress up. The tamariki tried on many costumes. The danced and role-played dance lessons.
  • Harlem and Jack played Pokemon with the tennis balls. They got them stuck on the shade sal. Then tried ways to get the balls down.


  • There has been an increasing interest in dressing up and role-playing dance lessons. Katie is using her personal experience of attending dance lessons and revisiting this with her peers leading the play. Belonging/Mana Whenua: Children become increasingly capable of making connections between people, places and things in their world/te waihanga hononga.
  • They are playing games that interest them. Through this game the tamariki problem solved ways to get the balls down. They tried many salutions. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable using a range of strategies for reasoning and problem solving/ te hiraurau hopanga.


  • Katie’s dance role plays with be recorded in her portfolio.
  • We will need to hunt out where the other balls have landed…