• Mobilo continues to be an interest to many of the tamariki. Jones created a Butterfly, drone, Snowmobile and “this I don’t know what it is yet” he explained. “Jack made the something as me, this” showing his most reason creation.
  • The tamariki discover something new in the sandpit this morning. Curious, they explored their ideas of how to use it and asked questions about where they come from. Jack and Jones took turns trying to cover each other up inside the seed pods like they were dinosaurs in an egg.


  • The tamariki have a strong interest in creating with the Mobilo. They create a variety of ideas some they copied from their peers.
  • Loose parts allow for the tamariki to explore in open ended ways. They wanted to learn about the new objects. They explored ways to use them in so many ways.


  • We will continue to observe the tamariki interest in the Mobilo.
  • We will continue to set the seed pods up in the Sandpit and observe how the tamariki continue to find ways to use them.