• Marshmallow playdough was set on the play dough table. The tamariki enjoyed the new texture of the play dough. “It’s nice and smooth”, explained Georgia (M). “It’s very big” described Chloe. Tessa got a plate from the family play area and made Sarah some delicious food.
  • For lunch today we made pizza. The tamariki rolled out the pizza dough and then added sauce, ham, pineapple, and cheese toppings.


  • The tamariki took an interest in the marshmallow dough they explored ways to use it. They seemed to really enjoy the feel of the dough as they run their fingers over the dough. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable of playing, imagining, inventing and experimenting/ te whakaaro me te tūhurahura I te pūtaiao.
  • Some of the tamariki showed their prior knowledge and experience in making pizza as they knew what to do. Others were supported by listens to instructions and/or watching their peers. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable of making sense of their worlds by generation and refining working theories/te rangahua me te Mātauranga.


  • The Marshmallow dough only lasts a day like this. We will put it in the tough with a little water tomorrow for the tamariki to explore in a new way tomorrow.
  • This experience will be documented in some of the tamariki portfolios.