• Wow! What cool games we created this morning! The tamariki enjoyed playing hopscotch and creating their own rules. It was great to see them sharing their ideas and supporting each other as a team.
  • The tamariki utilised and further developed their fine motor pincer grip and hand/eye coordination skills whilst threading necklaces this morning.
  • It was great to see the tamariki showing off their cooperation skills as they happily and eagerly played a board game together.


  • Through consistent participation in group games and activities children will learn the valuable nuances of social interaction and key social skills, including when to assert themselves and when it is appropriate to take a step back. Contribution- Children are encouraged to learn with and alongside others.
  • In order to accurately thread beads and straw pieces through the small needle and onto the thread, the tamariki worked both large arm muscles, and smaller finger and hand muscles. This task also required focus and an understanding of mathematical concepts such as patterning.
  • Being able to cooperate in a group is a very important skill for our tamariki to develop as this will help them once they move on to big school. Contribution: Children become increasingly capable of using a range of skills to play and learn with others.


  • We will continue to provide various opportunities for group games and team work.
  • The tamariki proudly wore their necklace creations all day long!
  • Lets play more games on Friday!