• Katie dressed up in a ballet tutu. She became a ballet teacher and took classes teaching Chloe and Georgia individual ballet. She instructed the girls to sit on the mat and point their toes “Good toes, Naughty toes”. She showed them how to hold on to the shelve like a ballet bar and lift their legs. Sophia and Isabelle also did dancing. They preformed outside on a stage, (new deck).
  • A small group made poison in the mud kitchen. They used the rice cooker to add the ingredients which were some dishwash liquid, some water and a pinch of sand. The tamariki needed some poison to weaken Pokemons so that they could catch lots of them.


  • Katie recognised the difference between ballet music and other music playing on the speaker. She used her prior knowledge of exercises and words used in a ballet class. They are building a relationship with each other as they play with each other through a mutual interest. Belonging/Mana Whenua: Children become increasingly capable of making connections between people, places and things in their world/te waihanga hononga.
  • They role played together sharing their ideas and adding to the group play. Contribution/Mana tangata: Children become increasingly capable of using a range of strategies and skills to play and learn with others/ te ngākau aroha.


  • Have the dress up set up in the environment to inspire becoming something or someone else.
  • By adding resourses to the mud kitchen the tamariki are inspired to play in new ways. Maybe we could read a story like Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo to inspire more ideas of role plays in the mud kitchen.