Ellerslie Term Four 2020

We are all looking forward to a busy time heading towards Christmas. This is always a very exciting term with a huge variety of activities and events planned.

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Ellerslie Term Three 2020

With our increased flexibility in session enrolments we have a wider age and developmental range of children attending the full day sessions. We are looking at how we can adjust things to continue to offer our fabulous fours sessions where we focus on many school readiness skills, and include the wider abilities of the children attending.

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Ellerslie Term One 2020

As part of our current focus on water/wai, we will be planning a relevant trip for the last Wednesday morning of term. More details to follow.

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Glendowie Term One 2020

We are looking at exploring the concept of growth with the children and will provide several provocations including caterpillars, plants, as well as looking at the children and how much they grow. We will also use the building work to explore construction and architecture. Afternoon sessions we focus on pre numeracy skills.

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