• Big and little footprints were discovered from inside the whare/Wendy house and along the path and in the cave next to the fire. Again, lots of tamariki were very curious. They shared their ideas of what it might be, use their senses to investigate. They discussed plans like Dragon traps also.
  • Max requested to play a board game. Theodore and Natasha joined him for a game of Thomas the tank engine (snakes and ladders). They rolled the dice and counted out the spaces.


  • The tamariki are thinking about what might be making these prints. They shared theories and ideas including what they could do next. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable of making sense of their worlds by generation and refining working theories/te rangahua me te Mātauranga.
  • They practiced lots of mathematic skills as they read the dots on the dice and counted. They develop their social skills in turn taking as they play board games together. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of recognising mathematical symbols and concepts and using them with enjoyment, meaning and purpose/ he kōrero pāngarau.


  • We will set up the footprints again tomorrow and observe the reaction.
  • We will continue to support the tamariki choices of play and offer more opportunities of boards games to practice social skill.