• We have been learning about all the colours in the rainbow, and this afternoon the tamariki spotted one in the sky, after all our rain. Just when we thought the rain had ended another huge gust of wind came and it poured down with rain bringing with it a mini hailstorm. The tamariki were amazed that it was raining ice balls we placed some bowels outside to see if we could catch them, when the hail had stopped, we went out to see if we could pick them up and collect all the little ice balls. Max said, “its Ice, and its melting”.
  • Our tamariki have loved exploring with our doctors and nurses role-play resources we have brought out again. They have been using the babies as patients and even each other. An interest sparking is ‘pregnancy’ with a couple of tamariki pretending to have babies in their tummies. Sasha’s mummy just had a baby and Sasha decided to share her experience and knowledge with her peers by role-playing with a dolly up her dress.


  • The tamariki are learning about science as well as colours, as they are noticing that after it rains a rainbow is formed and how the sky forms hail in cold weather and shortly after hitting the ground it begins to melt. They are learning the order the colours go in on a rainbow, and their colours in te reo. They are showing belonging/mana whenua, as they make connections between people, places, and things in their world. And Communication/mana reo understanding oral language, and exploration/mana aoturoa as they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, and physical and material worlds.
  • Here the tamariki are exploring with instruments and equipment that they might see when they or another member of their family a doctor. Practicing with the medical instruments and role-playing, is helping our tamariki learn about what doctors and nurses do to help us keep healthy and well, providing us with care and sometimes medicine. Sasha is sharing her new experience of her mum being pregnant and having a baby. Te Whāriki: ExplorationMaking sense of their worlds by generating and refining working theories | te rangahau me te mātauranga


  • To continue to offer learning opportunities for the tamariki to explore and learn about their natural and physical world.
  • We will set up with our doctors equipment again for our tamariki to explore with.