• The tamariki explored, utilised and further developed many aspects of their gross motor skill and confidence, as they climbed, balanced, crawled and leapt off the tricky obstacle course outside.
  • The tamariki got to experience to ‘marshmellow playdough’ on this deck this morning. They were using their senses to play with it and learn about it. A lot of descriptive words were used to describe the texture.


  • It was really exciting to see many of our younger tamariki challenging themselves to balance and even stand up and walk across the high planks and ladders. Many were also keen and confident to leap from the high boxes onto the crash mat unaided! Exploration/Mana Aoturoa- Children develop increasing control over their bodies, incl development of locomotor skills, non-locomotor skills, manipulative skills, and increasing agility, coordination and balance.
  • Being exposed to activities and experiences that encourage our tamariki to use their senses is so beneficial. The tamariki enjoyed feeling this marshmellow playdough and squishing it through their fingers, they also enjoyed smelling it, it was definitely a strong scent. It was discussed what it might taste like if we could eat it. Exploration: Tamariki experience an environment where they learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning using all of their senses.


  • I wonder what other physical challenges we could add to the obstacle course next?
  • The tamariki seem to be really enjoying some different messy and textural play, I wonder what we can have next time?