• The tamariki engaged in some messy finger paint play out on the deck this morning. It was a new an interesting texture and the ones who were keen to get involved spent a long period of time swishing it around and squishing it between their fingers. Paper was then put out to create some art, they were excited by the idea of transferring this finger paint.
  • The tamariki enjoyed an extended role play this morning, dressed as builders, using the tools and wooden planks to create a “high tower”.


  • Messy play can be a relaxing and soothing experience. The tamariki also gain a lot of learning from it too. Messy play builds nerve connections in the brain, encourages the development of motor skills, language skills and problem-solving skills. Our tamariki were having lots of laughs during this experience too. Exploration: tamariki develop the confidence to choose and experiment with materials, to play around with ideas and to explore actively with all the senses.
  • The children, dressed in ‘hi-vis’ gear and hard hats, shared hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and levels as they built and secured layer upon layer of long blocks to create their tower. It was great to see them adjusting and adding wooden plank levels for stability and structural accuracy. Some great examples of logical/mathematical thinking observed during this shared role play activity! Working with blocks helped this group of children to learn about gravity, stability, weight, balance, trial and error, as well as supporting their creative/dramatic interests.


  • The water trough will be filled with water tomorrow using the remnants of todays messy play. I wonder what it might feel like.
  • At Pohutukawa Kindergarten we have a range of activities that support the children to develop an ability to be creative and expressive- Communication/Mana Reo.