• This morning the tamariki enjoyed the birthday set up with the birthday hats and play dough, we had blue and yellow playdough so they could mix them together and make the colour green/kakariki. Edward tried really hard to mix his two colour together, until he was satisfied with the green he created, he then place candles into his playdough using green matchsticks and bits of yellow playdough to create flames on the top, taking them off as he blew them out. We have also been learning the spiral shape Theo rolled his playdough into a worm and curled it around he was so pleased with himself for creating a spiral. Amalia and Tessa both enjoyed counting their cakes and jewels as they placed them neatly into containers and on top of their cupcakes.
  • The interest in dragons and dinosaurs is still continuing this week with a group of tamariki. Alyse bought in some awesome looking dragons and dinosaurs from her home for our tamariki to explore. Natasha set up a small world area in the Puāwai room with a castle with people inside, dragons and dinosaurs, with a river and a volcano exploding with lava. As soon as Ellis and Caleb saw the set up this morning, they were both straight in and loved exploring with the new dragons and dinosaurs, creating their own play about what was happening in the small world. Calebs dinosaur even chased Ellis’s dragon, much to the enjoyment of Ellis! Theo and Beau came to explore later in the morning and Beau even found our dragon book to have a look at too.


  • The tamariki were enjoyed the sensory experience of the playdough while using their imagination and exploration/mana aotuora as they played imagined and invented new creations and ideas. They were showing communication/mana reo as they recognised shapes and mathematics through counting. Then tamariki were showing that they can use a rang of skills and ideas to learn and play alongside others showing contribution/mana tangata.
  • Our tamariki were noticing and discussing the different features of our new dragons and dinosaurs. They are using the small world play and their imaginations to create their own play and forming relationships as they work/play together collaboratively/Mana Tangata. Beau is making a connection through finding a dragon book to explore with further.


  • To continue to offer learning opportunities for the tamariki to recognise shapes and mathematical concepts.
  • We will continue providing provocations for our tamariki to explore this arising interest. E.g. footprints outside..