• Some amazing structures comprised of wooden blocks and a variety of loose parts were created by the tamariki, working collaboratively in pairs or in large groups.
  • Some of the tamariki were learning about the concept of cause and effect as they slid different vehicles down the ramp. They were changing up the vehicles they used as well as how hard they pushed them down the ramp.


  • The Kaiako were gobsmacked by the level of architectural understanding and design shown by the tamariki and their structural creations. It was great to see them adjusting and adding wooden plank levels and sturdy loose parts for stability and structural accuracy. Some great examples of logical/mathematical thinking were observed during this collaborative activity! Working with blocks helped this group of children to learn about gravity, stability, weight, balance, trial and error, as well as supporting their creative/dramatic interests.
  • Vehicle play can provide lots of learning opportunities. It helps to improve balance and coordination, with reaching, bending and pushing, it also enhances fine motor skills through dexterity and the practice of hand-eye coordination. The tamariki were also gaining beginning understandings of gravity as they observed what happened when letting go of the cars. There were lots of laughs shared as some of the vehicles were very speedy. Exploration: Children experience an environment where they laen strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning.


  • Wow…we have some exciting designers and future architects and engineers here at kindy!
  • wonder if the tamariki might like the ramp set up on the deck, to try different angles for cars to slide down on.