• The outdoor environment had big footprints from the sandpit to the cave. The tamariki were fascinated. They searched the outdoor environment looking for evidence of what might had been at kindy. They discussed their thoughts with their peers and teachers during free play time. They also had a very big discussion during morning mat/hui time.
  • Lots of group baking today, baking food that is spiral/koru shapes. We baked green koru shaped biscuits and cheesy marmite scrolls. They took turns measuring, adding, and stirring.


  • They communicated their ideas, hypothesis, and theories. They showed so much imagination through these discussions and their play. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of understanding oral language and using it for a range of purposes/he kōrero ā-waha.
  • They are very keen to bake, really taking an interest. They had to be patience as they waited for turns. Most enjoyed the last part getting to eat their own baking. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of recognising mathematical symbols and concepts and using them with enjoyment, meaning and purpose/ he kōrero pāngarau.


  • We will document this through a group project/investigation. We will set up the footprints again tomorrow and observe the reaction. From what we observe we as a teaching team will plan our next steps.
  • We will be baking again next week. Pizza. We will learn about cutting our pizza into eight pieces.