• The tamariki had the opportunity to design their own buildings and structures using crayon and dye. There was a picture of the sky tower from different angles as the provocation.
  • The musical instrument area was alive with waiata as the tamariki created a little band, full of many noisy instruments!


  • We have had a big interest in construction with our loose parts and blocks lately. It was interesting to observe what the tamariki did with the art activity and how they brought their interest through art and crafts. They were developing different ways to be creative and expressive as well as developing their fine motor skills and pincer grip during this activity.
  • The tamariki demonstrated their existing knowledge of many of the instruments they selected to play, including the names of the instruments and the tools needed to make music with them. It was interesting to observe the tamariki working together, often beating in time, to create shared waiata. Te Whariki- Music is enjoyable, soothing and assists in the development of listening skills, concentration, coordination, cooperation, communication and memory, as well as being a valuable resource for creativity.


  • I wonder what other areas of the curriculum we can bring this interest through, maybe we can try carpentry next week.
  • Olivia will document the learning for those tamariki involved in the band role play today.