• A wide variety of tools for spooning, funnelling, filling and pouring from and into, provided inspiration in a rice filled shallow trough this morning.
  • The tamariki were using prior knowledge and prior experiences to lead their imaginary play with real baking items and pretend ingredients this morning. They were talking aloud about the ingredients they were using to make their yummy baking.


  • The tamariki had a great time exploring and experimenting with the properties of rice, as they attempted to pass it through a funnel, spoon it into containers and pour it from vessel to vessel without spilling any! Exploration-Mana Aoturoa- Children develop the ability to enquire, research, explore, generate and modify their own working theories about the natural, social, physical and material worlds.
  • It was great to see friends taking turns with the baking items and sharing what they had made. The tamariki had the opportunity to act out what it feels like to be in an adult role, learn more about themselves and how the world around them works. Communication: children become increasingly capable of expressing their feelings and ideas using a wide range of materials and modes.


  • I wonder what would happen if we worked with cooked rice instead of grain rice? Would the experimentation have different results? Lets find out!
  • What other provocation can we add to this pretend baking set I wonder.