• Beau asked for the letters and phonic sound resource. He chose letters and placed them in. He listened to the letter then the phonic sound it makes and then it sang the ‘abc’s song’. Then he tried out another letter. He had to move it around to fit in to the hole like a puzzle for it to work. Many other tamariki wanted to have a turn. They had to wait for their peers to finish then they could have a turn.
  • This afternoon Theodore, Georgia, Sasha, and Adelaide had a game of shooting the ball in the tyres, Adelaide and Theodore had a great aim as they managed to get the ball into the tyre from behind the line which was quite a distance. The rest of the tamariki also had a great aim and they all showed perseverance as they persisted with trying to aim and shoot the goal. They then decided to turn their game into an obstacle course. Adelaide added a long plank of wood and some cones to walk across. They all practiced their balance as they tried to walk to the end without falling off.


  • The tamariki took an interest in this resource. They practiced waiting for turns. They listened to the information and song that it played. Placing the letters in supported the understanding of the print symbols. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of recognising print symbols and concepts and using them with enjoyment, meaning and purpose/he kōrero tuhituhi.
  • The tamariki were practicing their gross motor skills, balance, and hand eye coordination. While becoming increasingly confident in challenging themselves physically showing exploration/mana aoturoa, and wellbeing/mana atua, by keeping themselves healthy through physically activity.


  • We will set this resource out again next week for the tamariki to revisit and extend their literacy knowledge.
  • We will continue to offer opportunities for the tamariki to practice their gross motor skills.