• Max chose a box of puzzles as he wanted to work on a tricky puzzle. There were so many pieces in the box. Sarah and Max worked out that on the back of each piece was a colour- red, blue, or yellow. They sorted them out into the three colours and discovered that there were three different puzzles in the box. Rose and Sarah helped Max a little as he completed the first puzzles. He began a second puzzle but had to stop for mat time and morning tea, then he came back to do a little later in the day.
  • This afternoon Tautahi asked me if he could play the fishing game, and both him and Amaia helped to set up little chairs and place all the fish into the little blue pool. They were so content as they both sat in the sun and took turns working together trying to catch as many fish as they could to place into their little buckets to pretend to cook.


  • Max enjoys doing puzzles. He uses puzzles to challenge himself. This one had so many pieces it was a little overwhelming as to where to begin. Using scaffolding to begin with, supported Max to then the puzzle on his own. Contribution/Mana tangata: Children become increasingly capable of recognising and appreciating their own ability to learn/ te rangatiratanga.  
  • Both Amaia and Tautahi turned their little fishing game into their own make-believe game, showing exploration/mana aoturoa and communication/mana reo as they talked about what they were doing counting their fish and seeing who could catch the most, they were using their imaginations as they pretended to be fishing at the beach and spoke of taking their fish that they caught to the mud kitchen and cook it. Through the fishing game they showed that they were practicing their hand eye co-ordination as they were careful not to swing their rods into each other and as they carefully tried to catch the fish onto their magnetic rods and place them into their buckets.


  • I wonder if Max will revisit this puzzle tomorrow. We will set it out again and see if this interests him.
  • We will continue to offer opportunities for the tamariki to practice their hand eye co-ordination.