• This morning we set up the mud kitchen on the deck with the tough tray filled with cornflour for the tamariki to explore and use in their cooking. Georgia Ocean and Penny were first to explore the textures they began filling up their containers with the cornflour and using the water from the trough to mix their own slime. They each had their own ideas and chose different things to cook Georgia and Penny both chose to add other bits and pieces from the environment to create a soup Georgia collected bits of bark and grass to add to the green slimy water. Ocean enjoyed mixing hers all together saying “its so shiny” as the sun shone down on her smooth bowl of watery slime.
  • A game of cat and mouse was introduced using the parachute. One child was the cat and one child the mouse. The mouse crawled under the parachute to get away from the mouse and everyone helped to keep the mouse hidden by waving the parachute up and down. The cat crawled around trying to catch the mouse. They seemed to really enjoy being introduced to a new group game.


  • Through our set up of the environment, the tamariki used the resources we provided to come up with their own ideas, creating and using their imaginations. They showed exploration/mana aoturoa as they played, imagined and experimented with natural resources and feeling and creating new textures with the cornflour.
  • Some of the tamariki were keen to have a turn being the cat or mouse. Some were happy to join in and contribute to the game by holding the parachute to keep the mouse hidden. They practiced being fair and waiting for others to have turns. Contribution/Mana tangata: Children become increasingly capable of treating others fairly and including them in play/te ngākau makuru.


  • We will continue to offer messy play for the tamariki to explore and experiment with.
  • We will continue to play group games learning to wait and be fair with everyone having an opportunity to have a turn.