• We noticed how many of the tamariki cared for and supported our new child, Logan. They held his hand and play with and alongside him.
  • This afternoon we were learning the letter “D” so all the tamariki had a go at making dinosaur feet out of the empty tissue boxes. We offered them a range of different colours and they used the sticky tape to stick on their dinosaur toes. They were all trying to use their own imaginations and creating the colours that they thought the dinosaur would have for feet. Some chose to paint the dinosaur feet rainbow colours. The tamariki were all so excited to wear their dinosaur feet when the paint had dried.


  • One aspect of our kindy is the process of supporting our new and younger tamariki. We do this using a tuākana-tēina approach, where the older and more experienced tamariki help to guide and support the younger and new tamariki as they become familiar with our routines. This seems to be a natural ‘way of being’, here at kindy. Contribution/Mana tangata: Children become increasingly capable of using a range of strategies and skills to play and learn with others/ te ngākau aroha.
  • Through this activity the tamariki were recognising the sound “d” for dinosaurs and they were using their imagination to create their own interpretation of dinosaur feet. Showing exploration/mana aoturoa, and communication/mana reo. They were practicing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by sticking the sticky tape and using the scissors.


  • We will continue to role model and guide along with sharing what we notice when caring for others to reinforce this way of being.
  • We will continue to offer learning opportunities for the tamariki to explore their creativity through art.