• This morning the tamariki explored the doctor set up in the Puāwai room. Ocean was the first one to play with the set up as she tested her baby’s temperature and heart rate saying, “she is not well she has a temperature”. It wasn’t long before all the other tamariki saw and all wanted to play alongside. Georgia asked “Who is going to be the doctor though”. Alyse suggested that they could all be doctors and nurses together. So, they each chose a patient and began to organise all the doctor instruments and equipment that they were going to use. Sasha went and got the big teddy saying he is going to have an injection. Tautahi was busy testing his baby’s heart, and Georgia and Penny, and Natalie were all trying to help their patient who was laying on the floor. Georgia, and Sasha proceeded to write notes about their patients checking their patients x-rays to see if there were any broken bones.
  • The tamariki have been really enjoying the sunshine this week. We’ve seen so much happy play and heard lots of happy voices and laughter as they all played together outside. Max put on his exploring cap on today and came up with a new idea for the pop-up tunnel. He pulled it over to the yellow slides, lined it up to one of the slides and then went around and slid down into the tunnel! What fun!! His peers thought this was such a great idea and joined in too. He made sure each time that the tunnel was in just the right place (just over the edge of the slide) for the best sliding into the tunnel effect! Once he had crawled through the tunnel towards the geo dome, he popped out shouting to the Kaiako “I made it over to here!” with a big giggle.


  • Through their role play they were all showing contribution/mana tangata as they played alongside each other sharing their space and equipment and including their peers in their play. They were showing exploration/mana aoturoa as they used their imagination in their play and showing communication/mana reo as they expressed feeling and ideas and practiced communicating verbally and through gestures and movement.
  • Max is showing continual explorative learning in his play and his learning strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning (Exploration, Te Whāriki). He uses different equipment and materials in various ways to come up with new ideas to play. During his play he was happy to share his idea with his peers as they had turns going down the slide and into the tunnel as well. Max shows a sense of achievement and joy when he sees his ideas come to life and how much fun he and others can have.


  • We will continue to offer opportunities for the tamariki to express themselves through roleplay.
  • We will continue to provide a variety of materials and resources outside, and have the shed open for tamariki to explore and gather the equipment that they need. We will set up the environment in different, various ways to help tamariki to use their imaginations and to work together.