• The tamariki demonstrated both letter and number knowledge this morning, as they wrote the letters of their name in shaving foam and located and identified certain numbers and letter magnets.
  • Taking on roles, pretending and imagining is quite a common theme at kindy at the moment. The tamariki went on car rides, flew in an aeroplane and pretended to be cleaners. During this they were using and developing their social skills.


  • It was exciting to hear some of the older tamariki demonstrating phonetic knowledge too, as they pointed out the beginning letters and the sounds they made, as they drew them in the saving foam. Many of the tamariki were able to identify and distinguish between letters and numbers in a magnetic board mixture, calling them out loud to each other. Through these two activities, the tamariki were developing an understanding that symbols can be “read” by others.
  • It was great to see them working together, taking turns and listening to their friends ideas. There is so much learning that goes on during pretend play experiences. Tamariki learn how to think for themselves, it helps them understand another point of view, they have a chance to practice social and emotional roles of life, they develop self-esteem and self-awareness and learn how to respond to others feelings. In Te Whariki, tamariki experience an environment where they discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive, and one of these ways is through imaginary play.


  • We will continue to support the tamariki to identify and if ready, begin to form both letters and numbers.
  • I wonder what prop we can bring out next time as a provocation for play.