• After such a successful kindy trip to the Sky tower/Pourewa Rangi yesterday, many of the tamariki were excited to share some of their favourite parts and observations from the trip today.
  • The hop scotch game was put out today. The tamariki showed an interest in learning how to play the game and practicing their hopping skills, but also an interest in the numbers they could see, matching the bean bag numbers to the numbers on the hop scotch mat.


  • “I loved that Sky Tower trip” “I could see tiny things, cars, boats, people, houses and motorbikes” “In the lift I saw all the things we saw at the top” “I loved eating morning tea at the Sky Tower” “My favourite was the bus” “I liked looking through the glass” “I thought we were going up to space in the lift!” Trips to places outside of kindergarten can provide tamariki with new experiences and increase their understanding of the world around them-Te Whariki 2017.
  • It was great to see the tamariki using their turn taking skills, and learning to paitently wait until their peers had their go at doing the hop scotch. The tamariki were also learning from each other about number recognition. Some of their current knowledge about numbers was impressive. Communication |mana reo: tamariki experience an environment where they experience the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures and contribution| mana tangata: where they are encouraged to learn with and alongside others.


  • It was so wonderful to hear all the observations and special parts from the tamariki of a wonderfully successful trip!
  • Lets get the hopscotch out again tomorrow and observe what learning happens!