• It was interesting to observe during outdoor play this morning the interest that children showed in water play. There was measuring and pouring and we were impressed by their sustained interest in this activity!
  • This morning Max and Theo were enjoying being creative with the mobilo, as they each came up with their own ideas on what to make. Theo said “I am making a plane that can also go on water”. It was so awesome seeing you use your creativity and imagination as you came up with new inventions Theo, and we have noticed your confidence and strength improving with connecting all the mobilo pieces together yourself as it can be a little tricky at times. Max it was great to see you looking for inspiration on what you could build, by looking at the pictures of all the different designs you managed to come up with a creation of your own ‘the transforming truck’. It was so great to see you following a plan just like a real builder.


  • Mathematical skills such as estimating volume, measuring and understanding heavy and light can be gained through this playful activity. This learning is supported via the Exploration strand of Te Whāriki, which encourages children to further develop their working theories on the natural, social, physical, and material worlds.
  • The tamariki are developing hand eye co-ordination, and perseverance as they continue to the end to reap the benefits and feeling a sense of accomplishment as they get to enjoy what they have created, offering a sense of wellbeing/mana atua as their emotional wellbeing is nurtured. Exploration/mana aoturoa as they use a range of strategies for reasoning and problem-solving.


  • We will continue to extend play in this area, perhaps introducing more complex water activities, in further solidify this learning.
  • We will continue offer learning opportunities for the tamariki to experiment with new ideas and problem-solving.

Haere mai Ella. Welcome back the Dalton Whānau. Ella had a wonderful first!