• The tamariki focussed carefully and used their concentration skills as they created long domino lines and built tall towers.
  • How lucky we were to get some beautiful sunshine today, with the tamariki taking full advantage of the warm rays by spending much of their day outdoors. The sandpit was a hive of activity with the tamariki taking on the role of chefs, working collaboratively to whip up some delicious meals, including pizza, ice cream and hot cocoa.
  • The tamariki spent a sustained period of time exploring the zoo animals and creating and building special wall enclosures for their zoo.


  • It was great to see our tamariki spend a long period of time creating and learning, and persevering with their task at hand. Sometimes they accidently knocked their line of dominoes over before completing it, so they had to start all over again. Feelings of frustration came about but they decided to keep trying until they were satisfied with the length of their domino lines and towers. Exploration | Mana Aoturoa: tamariki experience an environment where they develop the knowledge that trying things out, exploration, and curiosity are important and valued ways of learning.
  • The tamariki combined water with the sand to create a thick, muddy-like texture, perfect for moulding to create their food. This is a fantastic way for the tamariki to learn about the properties of sand and how it can be adapted to manipulate a variety of objects. By working collaboratively, the tamariki are learning how to share the space they are occupying, take turns and engage in problem solving if conflict arises. Contribution/Mana Tangata – Children demonstrate strategies and skills, including conversation skills, for initiating, maintaining, and enjoying relationships with others.
  • The tamariki worked collaboratively to both add animals to their correct species groupings and construct a sturdy wall of blocks to keep the animals safe. Communication/Mana Reo – Children develop responsive and reciprocal skills, such as turn taking and offering and ways in which to communicate imaginative ideas.


  • Can we add dominoes to our big block play?
  • I wonder what other professions we could bring into our role play in the sandpit?
  • Wat a fabulous zoo enclosure they created!