• Gruffalo puppet show- Caleb and Alice began a Gruffalo puppet show many come to join in first to watch the show and then some had a turn at doing their own show. The story was played in the background for them to act out the scenes with the puppets. With other types of puppets, they asked for different songs and stories to match their puppet chooses.
  • Making potions-This week Natalie had been making potions and had asked if today she good use some more coloured water. She carefully carried the coloured water outside to pour into her prepare containers in the sandpit. She shared the water with her peers so that they also could mix their own mixture.
  • More praying mantis were found. Natalie found one on her clothes and another one was found outside. Many children watched them. Caleb carried one of the praying mantis around on his arm for most of the day. “Its not going to spike you cause where not predators” he told his peers. When he was not carrying it, he had placed leaves in the bottom of a container for it to have a place to belong and be camouflaged. “Look Sarah, it’s got good camouflage”.


  • Gruffalo puppet show- there is a large group that are showing a strong interest in the puppets and in role playing favoirte stories. The puppet show combined both of these interests. Puppets support the tamariki to develop hand, eye, arm, finger and body coordination. As they are being creative and expressive, they are also begin to develop storytelling skills, share ideas, play with words and movements.
  • Making potions seems to have become an interest about the same time they took interest in stories of making strews, like ‘Nicketty nacketty noo, noo, noo’.
  • The interest in praying mantis has been very strong this week. We have been role playing moving like one and so the tamariki have been able to watch and learning from the real insect. Some of the new words that have been introduced this week are also being used in their conversations with their peers and kaiako.


  • Displaying the puppets with books to revisit stories they know and love. This might spark the retelling of the stories through the puppets.
  • We will set out bottles of coloured water to offer the opportunities to mix and make mixtures.
  • We will continue to investigate more about the praying mantis. Gathering their prior knowledge first and then researching answers.