Dear Parents of Pohutukawa Kindergarten Glendowie.

A very warm welcome to our new tamariki and whanau to Pohutukawa kindergarten Mikaere and Margaux who started at the end of last term. This term we welcome Jinix, Jake, Naomi, Elsie and their Whānau.

Staff news

  • Alyse is on two emergent literacy courses one online, and the other one she attends out of the centre which she will attend over the term on some Fridays from April-June.
  • Kate is on her practicum placement here for 5 weeks she is currently studying the postgraduate diploma in Teaching and learning in ECE at AUT.

Season change

Autumn is upon us!  The weather is still beautiful and sunny but as the weather changes please remember to pack extra warm clothing for your child, a jacket when needed and gumboots.  We continue to run an indoor/outdoor programme through all months of the year as we feel passionate about learning in our outdoor space and connecting with nature, whatever that brings.  Hats are no longer required for Term 2 outside, so feel free to collect your child’s hat and take it home this term.


As per guidelines that are given to us from the ministry of health, please be weary of the food you pack in your child’s lunch box. This helps us reduce any choking hazards while your child is in our care. We have pamphlets available onsite, or documents are available at

Developing Independence

At Kindy an important skill that our tamariki develop is a sense of confidence and independence.  This looks slightly different for each tamariki, but we work toward:

  • Independent dressing and undressing
  • Giving things a try before asking for help
  • Carrying in their own bag and hanging it up with their name tag.
  • Taking responsibility for their things, eg putting a jumper away in their bag.

Please support us with this where possible, encouraging your child to be independent.

Facebook Pohutukawa Enrolled Families Only private group

Please let us know if you would like to join this group. We try to post lots of photos of the tamariki on here for you to see what we have been all doing at kindy.


Please feel free to communicate to us using the WhatsApp 02102476024 as another tool of communication.

Afternoon programme for term 2

This term we are going to focus on mathematics and science. Each week we will have a colour, shape, and number we will be focusing on.

We will have an afternoon with baking and/or science experiments.

Dates/Events – (Term 2 – 24th April – 30th June)

  • Anzac Day Tuesday 25th April kindy is closed.
  • 4 year old Hearing and Vision check Thursday 4 May at 10.30am
  • Mother’s Day Morning Tea – Friday 12th May. Feel free to come and stay for a little bit when you drop off your child. Enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and some yummy treats! You are welcome to pop in with your child if they don’t attend this day also.
  • Wheels Day – 30st and 31st Bring in your set of wheels.
  • Monarch’s Birthday Monday 5th June kindy is closed.
  • Matariki Disco Friday 23rd June 6pm to 730pm
  • Pyjama Day Thursday 22nd June 2022 Celebrating the Shortest day of the year.
  • Pyjama Day Friday 30th June to celebrate the last day of term. Come in your pyjamas and can bring a snuggly toy with you.

Playball stars

Playball will run on Thursday afternoons at 230pm as an after kindy opportunity. To sign up you can go on to the website, or ask Sarah for more information.

We are really looking forward to Term 2 and our continuing learning journey’s here at Kindy.

The Pohutukawa Glendowie team, Mel, Sarah, Alyse, Phillippa and Emi