• The tamariki enjoyed spending their morning exploring our fruit toys, picking the individual pieces up with both large and small sized tweezers. They loved engaging in discussion with each other about their favourite fruits that they eat at their home.
  • The tamariki were keen to make and play zoos today after kai time. There were a group of tamariki who found the animals and blocks/paraka and got to work, animals were grouped, and cages were built.


  • Through their engagement with the fruit toys, the tamariki were exposed to a variety of concepts including classification, whilst also building on their fine motor skills as they gripped and controlled the tweezers. The tamariki organised the fruit into groups, separating the different types of fruit from each other. Numeracy was evident throughout the activity, with the tamariki counting the number of fruit pieces, both independently and collaboratively. Communication/Mana Reo – Children develop familiarity with numbers and their uses by exploring and observing the use of numbers in activities that have meaning and purpose for children.
  • It was fascinating to observe the creativity that came from the zoo making. Once the cages were finished, their imagination came alive as they acted out what the animals were saying and doing with each other. During these experiences they develop their communication and language skills, act out and make sense of real-life situations and learn to empathise with others. Communication | mana reo: tamariki experience an environment where they develop an ability to be creative and expressive through a variety of activities, such as pretend play.


  • I wonder what other items we can sort and classify at kindy?
  • Maybe we could add real life pictures of Auckland zoo next time.