Dear Parents of Pohutukawa Kindergarten Ellerslie,

Welcome back for Term Two.  Over the holidays the teachers reflected together and planned lots of exciting experiences for our awesome group of tamariki… It’s going to be a busy Term Two!  A very warm welcome to Emily Richards, Zoe Frater, Chloe Jenkins, Luka Holmes and Elly Radford and their whanau joining us this term.


We are thrilled to have added to our teaching team with the lovely Liv, who so many of you have already told us how highly your children think of her. Liv has been teaching for 3 years at Bear Park and was keen to try another model of Early Childhood Education and is loving it so far!


We are pleased to have a flurry of interest in children attending Pohutukawa Kindergarten and thank you all for your recommendations. We are always adapting to the needs of our community and sometimes whanau need their children to have a longer day at kindy than we have traditionally offered. We are offering a limited number of places till 3.15 for those parents that need this to make Pohutukawa Kindy work for an ECE centre for their situation. It has to be a prebooked and permanent arrangement not ad hoc or casual. If you feel you need this option please speak to Melanie.

Changing Weather

Autumn is upon us!  The weather can still be beautiful and sunny but changes quickly. Please remember to pack extra warm (named) clothing for your child, a jacket when needed and gumboots.  We continue to run an indoor/outdoor programme through all months of the year as we feel passionate about learning in our outdoor space and connecting with nature, whatever that brings.  Hats are no longer required for Term Two.

Afternoon Children- If your child stays on for lunch at kindy, please remember to bring a piece of fruit to share at lunchtime each session.

 Monday Morning News Sharing- Please support your child to share during the small group news sharing sessions by providing them with a prop they can talk about at news time. For example, a picture of something they have done in the weekend, a ticket stub of an event they attended, sea shells from a beach visit, etc… Photos to share can be emailed to the teachers directly to be printed out.

Parent Input Reminder

Just a reminder that parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s individual planning folder.  You might want to add a story about something that your family have done together or a little summary of your child’s development or interests.  If you are stuck for ideas, we have some basic templates you can take to use.  You are also welcome to write feedback on the stories written about your child.   This information sharing helps us to get to know your child further and provide a relevant and positive learning experience for them at Kindy.

Opening Hours- Just a reminder that kindy does not open till 8:30 am. The teachers use the time before this to prepare the environment for an exciting learning session.

Illnesses-Children are excellent germ spreaders as they play closely to each other, share toys and equipment and are still learning selfcare and hygiene. Some children are more susceptible to colds and can also suffer more severe consequences (eg asthma and breathing issues) often requiring steroids, antibiotics and hospitalisations. With winter approaching there will be an increase in respiratory illnesses including RSV, COVID and general colds. Please be aware of the community we are in and keep unwell children home for them to recover and to protect others. If your children become unwell during session we will call you to collect them asap

 Dates / Events:

  • .Wacky Wednesday – Wednesday 7th June, come dressed up in your wackiest dress up!
  • Topsy Turvey Thursday – Thursday 8th June, come dressed up back to front and upside down!
  • Annual Disco – Our annual disco will be held on Friday 16th More information to come closer to the event.
  • Kindy Trip- plans to follow.

Please remember we are always here to talk with you and share any thoughts or ideas you have for the Kindergarten. You can contact the teachers via email or at the beginning and end of each session.

Warm regards,

Olivia, Annie, Liv, Wendy and Melanie.