• This afternoon the tamariki were exploring letters and the alphabet, we had tamariki busy piecing together the foam puzzle, and on the other deck we had Ivar, Mina, and Frankie all working together to make the other alphabet puzzle. It was amazing to see the tamariki and their understanding of their letters. Alice was pointing out that Caleb starts with the letter C, and then Caleb told me all the other words he could think of that begin with the letter C. Ivar new exactly the order of all the letters in the alphabet and also what word each letter started with, Mina managed to match the pictures to the letters and Frankie helped.


  • Through activities such as the Alphabet puzzle the tamariki were showing a great deal of understanding in letter recognition and how to make sense of the letters matching pictures and words. They were also showing how to collaborate as they worked on finding and connecting all the pieces together as a team. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of recognising print symbols and concepts and using them with enjoyment, meaning and purpose/he kōrero tuhituhi.


  • We will continue to encourage activities for the tamariki to practice letter recognition and the sounds of the letters and how to write them through games and activities.