• Praying Mantis- After finding a praying mantis today we read a book that shared a little bit of information about how a pray mantis moves around prey. We role played at hui time moving very slowly and freezing so a predator does not see us and then slowly creeping up on prey then moving very quickly to catch dinner.
  • Five little monkey jumping on the bed – we created masks from drawing, colouring, cutting and gluing. Then we acted out this song jumping on the trampoline.


  • We explored facts of what we learnt from a book through the art of movement and preforming. They were all involved in exploring movement and acting and pretending to be a praying mantis.
  • They are developing skills in fine motor/holding and controlling pens, cutting, and following instructions as they create a resource that they can use at kindy and at home. Revisiting songs support the extension of vocabulary and communication. They played with each other taking turns to jump and jump off the trampoline.


  • We will continue to investigate praying mantis and other insects through many arts and discussions.
  • In the afternoon programme we will continue to create our own mat time song resources to take home and practice these songs we sing at kindy.