• The tamariki had a wonderful morning grooving to their favourite tunes! Fabric cloths were used as props and costumes, with the tamariki twirling around in circles. There was much laughter and fun had!
  • Role-play has continued to be a popular activity for the tamariki to engage in, with today no different as some of our tamariki played ‘families’, busily typing and working from home, whilst answering multiple phone calls.
  • Our new playground equipment was once again a hit, with many of our tamariki excited to see this new resource upon arriving in the morning. The tamariki were quick to leap, jump and swing on the monkey bars, challenging themselves physically.


  • Dancing is a fantastic way for the tamariki to express themselves and their emotions through the language of movement, whilst also listening to the soothing music. Through their dance the tamariki are building on their gross motor skills, balance and agility as they challenge their bodies physically with differing steps and movements. Communication/Mana Reo – Over time and with guidance and encouragement, children become increasingly capable of using gesture and movement to express themselves.
  • Role-play supports the tamariki with their communicative skills, learning to actively listen to the ideas, dialogue and opinions of others whilst also feeling confident to share their own. Through their role-play the tamariki are developing on their understanding of the world and the roles within it, bringing their prior knowledge from their homes and cultures into their play. Communication/Mana Reo – Children demonstrate use of language to express feelings and attitudes, negotiate create and retell stories, communicate information and solve problems.
  • Through their play on the jungle gym, the tamariki are building on their gross motor skills, building on their muscle strength, agility and balance. It was great to see may of the tamariki setting physical challenges for themselves, demonstrating resilience as they persevered to achieve their goals. Exploration/Mana Aotūroa – Children demonstrate control over their bodies, including locomotor and movement skills, agility and balance, and the ability, coordination and confidence to use their bodies to take risks and physical challenges.


  • I wonder if we could choreograph our own kindy dance.
  • Ka pai tamariki! It is great to see you confidently interacting verbally with each other to engage in dialogue in your role-play.
  • Maybe we could create our own obstacle course with the new jungle gym and other resources.